Episode 1: Jack in the Box, with special guest Monty Ashley

Something is wrong with 6 year old Nora Baxter. She’s a compulsive liar, and seems to be purposefully driving a wedge between her father, Phil and her doting mother Jean. Things go from bad to worse after Phil is compelled to purchase an evil jack-in-the-box, unlocking Nora’s latent Satanic powers. Our special guest this episode is Monty Ashley, of the Incomparable Podcast Network.


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Welcome to the Night Library

The moon has risen, the streets are quiet and empty, and the lights have gone out all over town. Restless and wakeful, you find your way to the ancient brick building.  Hinges creak in soft protest as you push through the heavy oaken door entering the dimly lit interior. Dwarfed by towering bookshelves you approach the front desk as though in a dream. The Night Library has been waiting for you.